These are the guys who are making it happen here at Quarantine Comics.
Ray Coffman
Ray Coffman is the President and co-founder of Quarantine Comics. A life-long artist and creator, Ray has been writing and drawing about distant worlds, fantastic heroes and evil villains full-time since 2010. Ray's art and writing style draws from a variety of diverse influences from 80's and 90's cartoons and comics, fantasy, science Fiction, horror as well as being heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime. Aside from developing and maintaining all of Quarantine Comics' visual content and presence, Ray's current project list includes drawing the popular Quarantine Comics title Ninja VS Samurai as well as creating the upcoming titles R.U.S.T. and Ultra Hammer.
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Rayburn A. Jordan Jr.
Rayburn A. Jordan Jr. is the Chief Writer, and co-founder of Quarantine Comics. He received his BA in English Creative Writing from Kentucky State University in 2004. Rayburn has been creating roleplaying games, characters and writing storylines since the early 90s, and continues to practice his craft in hopes of bringing more stories and storylines to the public through Quarantine Comics. Born in the suburbs of Chicago, Rayburn is an accomplished and aspiring writer as well as the creator of Ninja vs. Samurai. As Quarantine Comics grows, anticipate more stories from Rayburn to be published in the future.
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Philip Butler
Philip J. Butler is an illustrator (Penciller/Inker) for Quarantine Comics. He received his BA in Art Studio from the University of Kentucky in 2009. Around the age of 6, Philip admired the drawings of his older sister, Ramona Butler. She soon began teaching him how to draw “ Ninja Turtles heads”, Philip strove to make his sister proud and has been in love with drawing ever since. A former student of Sal Villagran, Philip strives to wed the Impressionistic/Realism figure drawing style with the dynamism/action of Anime (Samurai Champloo) within comics and is inspired by the works of Sal Villagran, Andrew Loomis, George Bridgeman, Sergio Toppi, Will Eisner, Travis Charest, Leinil Yu, etc. 
Frank Kincaid
Frank Kincaid was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky where he had few people to call close friends. Instead of friends, he chose to bury himself in worlds filled with brightly colored costumed crusaders who traveled the dark alleys in search of the denizens of the night. At the young age of four he decided to pick up a pencil and has been drawing ever since. Without these mutants, monsters and superheroes as muse, Frank, as any small boy, would have been lost in the culture of Eastern Kentucky. Much like the stories of the superheroes he loves, Frank has spent his life studying and training, and finally feels ready to take on the comic book world one book at a time. Frank Kincaid received his Bachelors of Arts degree in History from Eastern Kentucky University in 2012. Now, after working various “normal jobs”, Frank has decided to pursue an opportunity as an illustrator with Quarantine Comics, LLC. Frank is a self-taught illustrator that is eager to take on any project that comes his way.