There comes a time in a man’s life when he knows it’s time to quit his job. As memories, and old acquaintances haunt him, he must find balance in letting go. Quitting is the answer, but when the past that haunts him follows his replacement, he must make the decision to let her face circumstance alone or once again join his apprentice in the workforce.

Follow the life of the world's most lethal assassin, who feels he is now too old to perform duties required by the job, and the one who is being trained to continue his legacy. Sometimes however, that legacy can haunt from within. Is it that a man so feared by the darkest reaches of the criminal underworld that he wishes to maintain that legacy? Or have the tables turned and he is now looking for protection from those who feared him so? Salvation lies with one individual who has sworn to carry on this legacy of espionage, sabotage and assassination.

One teacher. One student. Assassin’s Incorporated; where high profile assassination contracts meet personal turmoil.